Jiangsu Jinwo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major professional supplier engaged in high-yield pulping equipment manufacturing. It can provide complete high-yield mechanical pulping lines using raw materials of wood fiber and non-wood fiber.

Over the years, by cooperating with Chinese Academy of Forestry, jinwo has promoted the development and application of new pulping process and equipment, formed the TSMP(Twin-screw Mechanical Pulping) technology centering on the Twin-screw pulping machine. 

Now, the TSMP technology and equipment have been widely utilized in making banknote paper, writing & printing paper, cardboard and molded pulp by using a wide variety of raw materials including softwood and hardwood, textile fibers, annual plants, agricultural waste products and recycled paper. 

A wide selection of raw materials including: 

1. Non-wood long fibers such as cotton linter, cotton and cotton textile wastes

2. Non-wood short fibers like bamboo chips, cotton stalks, rice/wheat straws and bagasse

3. Wood fibers such as poplar chips, eucalyptus chips and pinus massoniana. 

4. Other non-wood materials such as oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) 

5. Recycled fibers 

This process is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, compared to conventional processes, the TSMP technology is significant reduction in energy consumption for fiber separation and dramatic decrease of chemicals as well as water consumption.

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